New ADU Construction in Los Angeles

At Brentwood Builders, we understand that not every homeowner has an unused garage waiting to be converted. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an accessory dwelling unit, however.


Since 2016, our highly-trained professionals have completed more than just garage conversions. Our Los Angeles ADU contractors have also helped countless customers build one-of-a-kind ADUs from the ground up. To get started with your project, you can sit down with one of our in-house designers to discuss the goals you have for your new:

  • Apartment

  • Granny Flat

  • Guest House

  • Home Office

  • And More!


Additional Living Space for Your Hobbies

Your ADU doesn’t have to be a space for guests or tenants. You can also use it to expand on your current living space! If you have hobbies that are taking up too much room in your house, you can work with our designers and architects to create an ADU that is perfect for use as a:

  • Home Gym: Add a full bathroom, kitchenette, and some workout equipment, and you’ll never have to pay for a gym membership again.

  • Game Room: Whether you have a pool table, a collection of gaming consoles, or a poker table, you’ll love this dedicated hang out space.

  • Studio: If you are an artist, photographer, or musician, we can help you design a home studio where you can perfect your craft daily.


ADU Apartment to Add Monthly Rental Income

Recent changes in California’s laws now make it possible for single-family zoned properties to add accessory dwelling units to their plot. That means you can build an additional home on your property and rent it out for extra income! Since we are currently facing a housing crisis, many ADU apartments are able to be rented out immediately for more than the cost of your monthly financing payment.


Comfortable Mother-in-Law Suite for Aging Parents

These days, it is very common for three generations of family to live under one roof because housing is so expensive. Unfortunately, this means that things can get crowded. When you add a granny flat or mother-in-law suite to your property, you can give your aging parents the independence and privacy they deserve while also staying close by in the event of an emergency.


Luxurious Guest House with Modern Amenities

Have you always dreamed of having the perfect home for entertaining your friends from out of town? Are you tired of making them sleep on your couch? If so, it’s time to upgrade with a modern guest house. ADU laws make it easier to add a guest home to your property, and with the assistance of our talented designers, you can curate a stunning space that your guests will never want to leave.


Customized Home Office


More and more people are telecommuting for work, and while it’s nice to be able to work in your pajamas, there are many distractions in your home that can limit your productivity. When you build a home office as an ADU, you can create the perfect space for working without interruptions. Not to mention, having a dedicated space can help you stay organized and professional.

Build Your Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling Unit Today

No matter the reason for building an ADU, you should trust the experienced experts of Brentwood Builders to help. We have a dedicated team ready to walk you through every step, starting with design and permits, so call today to find out if your property qualifies. You can also fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation!